Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Genesis Matrix Trading System Tools

GMTS-Matrix is a non-repainting matrix indicator for use with the Genesis Matrix Trading System
Uses the following indicators:
1. TVI
2. CCI
3. Gann High/Low Activator Indicator
4. T3 Moving Average
Multi time-frame. All bars in the chart corresponding to a higher time-frame bar will be updated to reflect the current state of the higher time-frame indicator.
Optional alert when all 4 indicators line up.
Set labels of your choice.
GMTS-Tape is a tape chart of the ‘Genesis Matrix Trading System’ Matrix indicator.

GMTS-Dash is a signal dashboard for the ‘Genesis Matrix Trading System’. It displays the current matrix signals for multiple time-frames and the ADR.

MTF Stochastic with linear interpolation between bars on the higher time-frames. Features:
Linear interpolation of values between bars.
Dots can be used to tag the closing lower time-frame bar on the line.
Dual color to denote rising/over bought and Falling/oversold.

MTF Stochastic Tape Chart Indicator. Features:

Divider line to group sets of lower time-frame bars to ease reading the chart.
Different colors for rising/overbought and falling/oversold

Credit to Xaphod

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